From MEDA Clients

MEDA saved my life…if I didn’t have their services especially their groups I would not be here today…a healthy mother of 3 young children.

I can’t even begin to explain to you what a fabulous resource you have been. Even just knowing that you are there in case we need you is such a good feeling.

I said, “I just feel so alone,” and the one thing MEDA brought was company. Like people who didn’t make me feel so alone. I remember looking forward to coming to the eating disorder support group, because my friends were there.

MEDA helped me recover, by providing a safe space where I could practice the skills that I really hadn’t previously worked on before. Things like advocating for myself, speaking my truth, establishing boundaries, feeling my feelings.

I used to be very afraid of life but now I feel as though I am capable of dealing with whatever I seek from life or whatever life hands to me…I am not scared anymore…it is an amazing feeling. I thank you and MEDA for the inspiration you have given me to realize that my life is so precious and I need to take advantage of it…not destroy it.

The groups and skill sessions really helped me determine what those things and areas of my life were needing extra support, and then the groups provided me a safe space to try them out and test the waters, and then to then go and implement them in the real world.

I support MEDA because they represent what recovery stands for, like living life without thinking about food and calories every second. Just kind of like relaxing and thinking about what you need for yourself and your support system. They’ve taught me what recovery is and what it can be.

I remember my disbelief at my intake meeting at MEDA, when the clinician said that 100% recovery exists; I couldn’t even imagine it. But presented with the possibility of being completely free from an eating disorder, I grew determined to commit to recovery no matter what. It was so hard. For a while I couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. Now I do.

I can’t even begin to express how much I appreciate MEDA and all the work that you do.

From MEDA Client Loved Ones

I couldn’t help but think of how far she has come and how grateful I am that we found MEDA. Thank you for everything you have done to make this moment possible.

It helped me to learn the language that I needed to use to support her through her journey to recovery.

There’s a wonderful community that is incredibly supportive, and that’s what MEDA has brought to us and for that I’m incredibly grateful. The community is wonderful, welcoming, and the amount of education and resources that are available it’s just outstanding.

From MEDA Recovery Support Group Attendees

Amazing support, amazing women, amazing organization.

I love my group leaders! I love being with people who understand and can give advice.

This group gives me hope.

I’m so thankful for my 8 weeks with you, MEDA, and our group. The insights, tools, shared experiences and connections were amazing and I’m truly grateful. You’re truly a gift!

MEDA has helped me in so many ways. The support groups that I’ve participated in here have been a huge part of my recovery process. They have been outstanding.

I leave the group feeling energized and with lots of things to think about. I feel like I leave group with inspiration, hope, new perspective and increased motivation.

MEDA brought a peer group to my daughter. A group of teenage girls that she could relate to, who understood her. As much as I wanted to be there to support her, I didn’t understand what she was thinking or feeling, but the kids that she met in the teen group did understand and could relate. She could tell them exactly what was going on in her head and they wouldn’t look at her like she was crazy. Like they got it.

From MEDA Education and Awareness Presentation Participants

The day with MEDA was about awareness and education and breaking through the stigma so students don’t need to suffer in silence.

We need to have more presentations like these.

Very inspiring!

I love MEDA’s Panel of Recovery, people talking about their experiences.

The feelings people feel who struggle with eating disorders, brought to my attention what people go through, I learned so much about how my words affect others.

This day brings so much awareness.

MEDA reminds me how it is ‘ok’ to be me.

My favorite day of the year is MEDA’s day.

This day made me self reflect on how my comments affect those in my community.

The message that we all don’t look the same and that is OK! Embrace who we are.

From MEDA Annual Conference Attendees

Excellent speakers. Great info presented.

Amazing, moving, and so clinically rich.

Very motivating.

Very creative speakers, articulate. The sessions were very informative and applicable.

Very exciting and directly relevant to my work in a university setting.


From Walk Attendees

The MEDA Walk is an incredible experience. I spoke at the MEDA Walk, and I don’t think there’s another place … in my personal experience, where so many people come together to support somebody … to support a singular cause, where people really feel like there’s hope, and bravery and vulnerability, and a lot of authenticity. It’s a really incredible experience.

I went to the last walk and it was an amazing experience. I loved the speakers. I loved the atmosphere that was there, and the atmosphere is exactly what you would expect that everybody is very supportive, everybody is always upbeat, everybody is handing out affirmations, literally.