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Embracing and Improving Your Body Image

Written by Oliver-Pyatt Center’s Primary Therapist, Lisa Jimenez, MS Lisa shares some of her expertise and experience in working with clients suffering from eating disorders, specifically Binge Eating Disorder. She discusses our… Read more »

DBT: An Effective Tool in Treating Eating Disorders

By Gregory Holich, MS, LPC, DBT Specialist, Timberline Knolls Residential Treatment Center Eating disorders are multi-faceted and highly complex diseases; as such, multiple treatment strategies are recommended to help an… Read more »

Rewriting a Trauma Narrative with Adolescents

Written by Matt Bartlett, Executive Director – Saratoga Springs Campus, New Haven Residential Treatment Center  The world we live in can often be challenging.  Many of us deal with the pressure… Read more »

Cultivating a Positive Relationship with Food

Written by Clementine adolescent treatment program Dietitian Alyssa Mitola, MS, RD, LD/N. Alyssa works closely with the adolescents at Clementine Miami Pinecrest to gain a more positive relationship with food…. Read more »