Binge Eating Disorder and ADHD

In this presentation, we will explore the recovery process for patients with BED.  We will delve into the nuances of symptomology and treatment for patients with co-occurring BED and ADHD.  We will explore how the struggles with executive functioning specific to patients with ADHD can be part of a cycle of low self-esteem, learned helplessness, poor self-care, and agitation/angst, that further complicates co-occurring BED.  We will learn about how weight stigma, trauma, shame, and social mediators influence the development and maintenance of BED.  Additionally, we will learn about how psychology and biology interface to drive BED symptoms.  We will also highlight the dangers of weight cycling and diet-focused treatment.  We will discuss why utilizing integrated treatment approaches, such as Bio-psycho-social-spiritual and self psychology approaches, is necessary to more thoroughly understand our patients’ experiences and how they have adapted to life circumstances.  Lastly, we will define HAES and mindful eating, and learn how we can implement these approaches into treatment.