Intentional, Authentic, & Non-Tokenizing Storytelling: Tangible Marketing in the Eating Disorder World

Marketing for clinicians, treatment programs, and non-profits alike is…a bit difficult, especially in the eating disorder world. As we move into a new generation of communications, authentic representation is especially paramount, but it’s easy to fall into tokenizing language and storytelling – even when we’re trying our best to avoid it. In this session, engage with three marketing professionals who have specific expertise in the eating disorder field – from living recovery day-to-day themselves, to running accounts with tens of thousands of followers, to everything in between. Learn how individual clinicians, group practices, treatment programs, and beyond can do better and tell the stories that aren’t being told. Support the creation of more inclusive marketing without sacrificing your brand, honest representation, or your healing community. This workshop will include both lecture-style information sharing and time to practice your own marketing with the support of the speakers.