The Power of Becoming the Advocate You Needed

This is a powerful presentation detailing Mr. Hornby’s own journey in advocacy in the eating disorder recovery space, the topics and identities he identified that were missing from that space, and his own approach to those topics. He started this work himself because he could not find any men advocating for eating disorder recovery when he was dealing with the worst of his own eating disorder. He advocates for people to become more discerning and aware of the ways in which they are not represented but need to be. He talks candidly about issues that he has faced and concretely offers ways for people to become more proactive in an increasingly social-media-driven culture that weighs heavily on them. His presentation and talk are refreshingly honest, timely, relatable and helpful as we teach others to become the advocate they themselves need. His social media prowess and depth of knowledge about the topics of eating disorders, intersectional representation, anti-fatness, and healthism make this a unique presentation unlike anything else on the speaker circuit today.