The Power of Embodiment: Practices to Treat Trauma, Mood and Eating Disorders and Prevent Burnout in Clinicians

Drawn from Erin’s personal healing journey and a decade of supporting others through eating disorder and trauma recovery as a yoga therapist and embodiment coach, this presentation offers a comprehensive exploration of the most effective embodiment practices for those struggling with the complex interplay of eating disorders, trauma, anxiety, and depression. This session will examine various evidence-based embodiment practices and how they can be applied to both calm the nervous system and energize a patient’s connection to their emotional reality.  This session will review the research substantiating the benefits of embodiment practices, including their potential to fortify boundaries, accelerate trauma recovery, increase resilience, foster an enhanced mind-body connection, decrease food preoccupation, and elevate self-awareness. As a bonus, we will examine how these techniques can also protect the clinician against burnout and bolster their self-care. This session promises to empower healthcare professionals of any discipline with practical tools and insights to inspire their patients towards greater embodiment so they can meet their goals quickly.