Krista Crotty LMFT PsyD She/Her

Dr. Krista Crotty is the National Director of Brain Based Therapies and Director of Clinical Outreach Education for Accanto Health. She earned her Master of Science from Fuller Theological Seminary, School of Psychology and her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in family and pediatrics from Azusa Pacific University. She trained at Harbor UCLA Medical Center in the Dept of Early Intervention Neuropsychology and Loma Linda Children’s Hospital in Neuropsychology. Krista is a level 3 Temperament Based Treatment with Supports Certified Treatment Provider offering TBT-S in module format in outpatient care and 5-day Intensive weeks in WA state. Beyond TBT-S is trained in and clinically draws from cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, family-based treatment, and acceptance and commitment therapy. She is a firm believer in the incorporation of Support and family members in the treatment process and enjoys brining activity and creativity into the clinical arena.

Away from work, Krista loves being a mom to her three boys, being outside exploring the world and always finding ways to learn new things!