In honor of former Executive Director Beth Mayer’s years of dedicated service to MEDA and the eating disorder community, Hope & Inspiration has been renamed to Beth’s Hour for Hope & Inspiration.

Beth’s Hour for Hope and Inspiration is a free monthly open forum, unique to MEDA, where an individual who has recovered from an eating disorder visits to share their story of recovery. Anyone who is interested in learning about the recovery process, or supporting a loved one who is struggling, are welcome to attend. There are no requirements. The presentations are followed by questions and a guided discussion by a MEDA clinician.

This event takes place at MEDA’s office in Newton. The group typically meets the first Saturday of every month (unless otherwise noted) from 10-11am. Please make an effort to be on time out of respect for the speaker. Please note: Attendees are welcome to enjoy snacks in the lobby of the building, but please refrain from bringing food into the Hope and Inspiration space.

Upcoming Dates: February 2, March 2, April 6 and May 4

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If you would like to write your story and share it at Beth’s Hour for Hope & Inspiration please read MEDA’s Guidelines and review MEDA’s Speaker Agreement.