Helping Clients Develop Gratitude and Purpose

From Timberline Knolls: SteveWright

Many individuals who are struggling with an addiction or an eating disorder have difficulty seeing outside their own suffering in their everyday lives. A person with an eating disorder often only thinks about food, exercise, and/or body image; a person with an addiction is often utterly focused on the need to determine where the next fix will come from.

We know that a critical aspect of recovery is the necessity to move away from this self-focus, and begin to think about others, what they care about, what is important to them. Therefore, as clinicians, onhealthy clomid it’s our job to help our clients and patients transition from this egocentric viewpoint to one of altruism and grace.

This is not always an easy task. In order to move through this process, it’s essential for recovering individuals to discover what gratitude looks like, and eventually, develop a sense of purpose and meaning in their lives.

Please watch this useful webinar by Steve Wright, MA, LCPC, RDDP, who is a Therapist in the Timberline Knoll’s Christian program.

You can access the webinar recording, here: