How is New Haven Different?

Written By Shea Rodriguez of New Haven Residential Treatment Center 

newhavenFor many years New Haven has been known as the most clinically sophisticated program in the country.  While we still believe this to be true, there have been many programs that in the last few years have not only expanded but improved. From the beginning, we were distinguished as the only ‘girls only’ program, the only one that was family focused, and the only approach that was truly relationship based. Over the years, other programs have learned the lingo that sells, but New Haven has had over 23 years of experience in perfecting just the right approach to help both adolescent girls and their families. Here are a few of the things that continue to distinguish us among other all other programs.

  • Our values program is uniquely set up to facilitate change and heal the family system. We are the only program that asks parents to be on the same phase system of progression as their daughter. The values program also helps to individualize a family’s journey based on the values that are the most important to them. The work that our therapists and staff do to help our girls internalize those values is KEY in helping our students leave New Haven with a solid foundation that perpetuates their success for years to come.
  • New Haven’s commitment to healing generations comes from its intensive and interactive family involvement. New Haven hosts six family weekends annually where families come to participate in over 16 hours of multi-family and psycho-educational processing groups that are lead by our therapists. Families are required to sign a contract indicating that they will be active participants during their time at New Haven. Families also participate in an hour and a half of family therapy each week via video conference.
  • We are the only program that has been tracking the progress of our students and families up to two years after they leave New Haven’s door. Our research is used to help incoming families to know what our results truly are as well as for us to see what things we are not doing well so that we can improve those areas for the future families to come.

These are just a few of the many reasons New Haven stands out among the country’s leading treatment centers.  New Haven is a unique program that has been a leader in long term residential care for more than 20 years!