Not All is Fair in Love and War

Written By Amy M. Klimek, MA. LCPC, Director of Program Development/Eating Disorder Program Coordinator, Timberline Knolls

Ever consider that the war on your body is simply a war with yourself? When struggling with an eating disorder or negative body image each “win” will justify a new challenge.  Each challenge will justify the war.  There will never be a winning side because both sides lose.

Ever wonder what it could be like to love your body and end the war with it?  Your body is your ally.  What if it can actually tell you what it needs? Could your body be trying to communicate to you?  Could you trust yourself enough to listen?

Loving your body is being with it…sharing experiences. Embodying who you are.  Loving your body is accepting the good, the bad, and the in between.  It does not invite hate.  It does not desire criticism.  Loving your body is being open to the journey—it   is allowing you to just be you.

Talk to your body.  Start asking it questions.  Your body’s awareness is different than your mind’s logic or reason.  Your physical being holds memories and emotions different from your mind’s recollection.    The body provides information the mind may want you to ignore, numb, or negotiate with.  When struggling with an eating disorder or negative body image, the mind judges the body’s experience.  You may start to feel good in your body, but your mind will judge the way the body looks.  It’s confusing.  It’s frustrating.  But it does not have to be this way.

Learn your body’s language.  Get in the habit of considering onhealthy amoxicillin that your body may have a different point of view than your mind.  Consider both.  This can begin the process of the two communicating more effectively and with honesty.

Learn your body’s truth and stop forcing change.  How many times have you told your body to run faster, but it would not? Go on a diet, and it failed? Your body is rejecting your idea of change.  Stop forcing it.  Listen instead.  Learn your body’s truth in what it needs to thrive. In forcing change, you are asking your body to push boundaries.  Under what condition will you start to be fair?

Start a new language with your body.  What is true for you one day may not be the same the next.  Allow shifts in your direction.  Be present to your body’s needs, what your mind gives you, and find a balance between the two.  Do not turn off your mind.  Instead incorporate some other words in your language- compassion, gratitude, curiosity of the present moment, and appreciation for the journey.  Discover something new about yourself with your body.  We are our own teacher and student. Be open to learn.   Be open to change.

End the war.  Stop limiting yourself and your body’s capacity to be present together.  Co-journey with your self and your body. Learn to love not for what it may look like; instead, love your body for what it offers to you daily through new experiences, always listening to its language, and finding its organic truth.