Eating disorders and struggles with negative body image touch all of our communities. Our society’s focus on appearance and unrealistic body ideals promotes dangerous dieting behaviors and often obscures those in need of treatment for their unhealthy behaviors (Eating Disorders Coalition, 2015).

Through MEDA’s Education & Awareness Initiative, The Sooner the Better, we hope to help communities learn the benefits of promoting body confidence as well as learn the signs & symptoms of disordered eating, exercise and body image. Our hope is to reach those in need of support earlier thus promoting a better chance of full recovery.

MEDA offers presentations from a skilled mental health clinician on a variety of topics including Body Confidence, Eating Disorders, and Promoting Positive Body Culture in Your Schools and Homes. We also offer high-level clinical trainings for professionals working with eating disorders whether it is in the field of medicine, mental health , or education.

We are proud to have THE VILLAGE BANK as an Awareness Sponsor and thank them for their  continued support of the “Sooner the Better” program.

Education is Power. Take steps today to inform your community. The Sooner the Better! 

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