Join MEDA’s Preferred Treatment Provider Network

“MEDA is my professional family. It’s the place I go to feel supported in both work and in life. Without MEDA, I wouldn’t be able to do the work I’m so very passionate about!”
– Marci Anderson, MS, RD, LDN

MEDA has a diverse and growing Preferred Treatment Provider Network that includes providers and supportive specialists in New England who treat individuals with eating disorders. If you are a treatment provider with experience in treating individuals with eating disorders, we invite you to join our network and apply for membership.

Membership includes a listing on MEDA’s website, the opportunity to join a monthly peer supervision group, free trainings, networking opportunities, discounted admission to MEDA’s National Conference, advertisement opportunities for your practice, and the opportunity to receive direct referrals from MEDA.

*MEDA also welcomes applications from providers with limited experience with eating disorders who would like to learn more about specializing in this area. Once more direct clinical experience and training are obtained MEDA can begin making appropriate referrals to these professionals.

To join our Preferred Treatment Provider Network, please fill out and submit the application and letters of recommendation.

2018 Preferred Treatment Provider Benefits Include

  • Discount off admission to our 23rd Annual Conference
  • Opportunity to join one of our free Peer Consultatio