In addition to the groups held here at MEDA, many of our professional members offer group sessions outside of MEDA. Please click on any name to be redirected to their page. We recommend calling each provider to learn more about their groups.

Van Dusen Nutrition: This 6 week group is for women ages 16+ who are struggling with a negative relationship with exercise.  The group is designed for those who over-exercise, describe exercise as obligatory, obsessive or compulsive, or define themselves as an exercise addict.  Participants will evaluate their relationships with exercise and begin the process of redefining exercise to be a more balanced component of life.Dates and times TBD. Please call 781-343-1592 or email to schedule an assessment or for further information.

Lisa Dubreuil: Saturdays 10am-11am – This 8 week group is for all genders over age 18 working on recovery from an eating disorder. The group is led by Lisa Dubreuil at her office in Salem. Email or call Lisa at 617-710-2274 to register for the next cycle.

Alice Rosen: The No-diet weekend workshop – The Conscious Cafe. This experiential workshop, held in a serene, natural setting, is a supportive opportunity to rediscover what you innately know….. when, what and how much to eat.  You will learn mindful eating skills for recognizing hunger and fullness, distinguishing between nutritional and emotional hunger, and learn to feed yourself with greater ease and enjoyment.  You will reach a deeper understanding of why you stuff your feelings with food as well as how to develop compassionate alternatives.” $350 + $50 for audio companion.

Amy Gardner:  Meal Support Group in Newton and Intuitive Eating Groups in Newton and Framingham. Call for more information.

Deb Schachter: Recoverying ourselves group – Long-term, psychodynamic groups integrating in mind/body, Internal Family Systems, DBT and body image work.

  1. Monday 6-7:10pm Ages 21+
  2. Wednesday 6-7pm Ages 25+
  3. Thursday 6-7:10 Ages 40+, all groups are mixed diagnosis

Denise Peaslee: Feeding the Soul – Emotional Eating support group

Diana Dugan Richards : Namaste Nutrition ~ Nourish from Within ~ Yoga for Mindful Eating

During this workshop that’s offered a few times a year, you’ll explore impulses, urges, emotional eating, and old behaviors around food in a way that you can relate to them. Through a deep, insightful journey, a clearer understanding of why parts of you display emotions and behaviors as they do will guide you to begin to clear out old habits, patterns and beliefs, and renew your relationship with food.

During the workshop, you’ll:

  • Rediscover, listen to, and tune into your body through yoga poses.
  • Extend curiosity, connection and healing to the whole of you.
  • Engage in interactive discussion, safe and guided group sharing circle, IFS-informed* meditation, activities and journaling that support paying attention to all the parts of you that are intertwined in your relationship with food.
  • Mindful eating home practices to take with you.
  • Be in the company of others who feel just as you do! 

Wear comfortable clothing suitable for movement and sitting. Bring a journal or paper and pen and a water bottle if needed.

Elayne Daniels: Tantra for Binge Eating Disorder

Heidi Schauster: The No Diet Book Clubs are therapeutic book clubs that meet every other week in Somerville, MA (near Porter and Davis Squares) to discuss books on mindful, intuitive eating and living together. They are small groups that consist of individuals recovering from disordered eating who support one another in community as they read together. The group is facilitated by nutrition therapist and author Heidi Schauster, MS, RDN, CEDRD-S, who has been working in the field of eating disorders for 20 years. Groups meet on alternate Monday evenings at 6:30 or alternate Saturdays at 10am. There is a fall/winter book series and a winter/spring book series, with monthly drop-in groups over the summer. Call 617-877-2202 or email if interested.

Jean Fain: Self-Compassion Based Eating Awareness Training and Mindful Eating Support Group.  Jean Fain’s in-person and on-line groups teach you how to curb overeating, feel your hunger, trust your taste buds and become deeply satisfied with the quality, rather than quantity, of food. All of which helps you eat less and weigh less without dieting. The in-person groups are for participants local to Concord, MA. The on-line groups are conducted via Skype for everyone, everywhere with everyday eating issues as well as those who prefer meeting on-line.  For more information, visit her website.

Jesine O’Gara: DBT skills group.

Julie Cappella: Healthy Body and Mind: A weight management group for women

This is a supportive group that offers strategies for over-weight women (ages 30s-60s) struggling with weight loss and body image issues. The emphasis is on identifying triggers to overeating and improving self awareness, acceptance and self care in a non-judgmental environment that promotes change. Dietary and exercise goals will be individualized, and a release to speak with the primary physician will be requested.  Initial evaluation is $200 and group sessions are $65. This is an 8 week group that will begin in September 2016.

Jyoti Daniere: Monday nights 6-7:30 for women with eating disorders ages 21-35

Laura Douglass: Yoga class, Monday 6-7:30

Lindsay Brady and Jennifer Rego: The Anger Outlet: Understanding Your Emotional Self in Recovery. Click here for more information

Lisa DuBreuil: Eating Disorder recovery group.  Saturdays from 10:00-11:00 am.  Group runs on 8-week blocks.  $20 per group – $160 for the entire 8-weeks.

Lisa Pearl: Group therapy.  Contact for more information.

Liz Fayram: Yoga of Eating

Louise Valiquette: Wednesday 8-9:15 pm, ongoing mixed Eating and Body Image Issues group, 12 week minimum requirement, initial assessment required.  Ages 21+.

Maria Mellano: Healing in Action

Mary-Ellen Crowley: Visit her website for a comprehensive list of groups

Renée Hoekstra: Weekly ongoing adolescent groups in Stoneham, MA address not only the developmental challenges of high school but provide consistent peer support for depression, anxiety, and other issues of clinical focus. Teens are admitted all from different high schools and do not know each other coming into the group. This increases a sense of confidentiality and allows teens to navigate problematic or complex peer relationships in the school system. Because the nature of the groups is ongoing, DBT skills are not taught in a psycho-educational manner and the groups are not primarily driven by content. (Group cohesion and reduced social isolation is a priority over the typical structured classroom style group). Skills are reviewed more organically in the context of problem solving, making wise decisions, identifying and tolerating strong emotions, and giving and receiving feedback. More information on the teen groups can be found at

Roberto Olivardia: Body Dysmorphic Disorder and Males with eating disorders

Rosemary Duffy: Emotional eating

Sara Hart: 20 week DBT Skills Training.  Call (413) 841-1678 for more information

Sarah Patten: Meal support series. Currently takes place on Tuesday evening from 7-8:15 for 5 consecutive weeks. Limited to 6 participants/session.  Contact for more information

Stacey Richmond: Kind Eating – Kind Being, click here

DBT Groups

  • Jesine O’Gara – Needham
  • Middle Path – Arlington
  • Renée Hoekstra – Back Bay: Weekly ongoing adult groups incorporate DBT skill content in a flexible, small group setting. Clients are strongly encouraged to self-identify with the criteria listed on the home page of my website: They will be expected to complete the entire pre-screening process and need to purchase the newest DBT skill book by Marsha Linehan. A syllabus is provided and there is content/ homework every week.
  • Triad Adolescent Services – Lexington