In addition to the groups held here at MEDA, many of our professional members offer group sessions outside of MEDA. Please click on any name to be redirected to their page. We recommend calling each provider to learn more about their groups.

Van Dusen Nutrition: This 6 week group is for women ages 16+ who are struggling with a negative relationship with exercise.  The group is designed for those who over-exercise, describe exercise as obligatory, obsessive or compulsive, or define themselves as an exercise addict.  Participants will evaluate their relationships with exercise and begin the process of redefining exercise to be a more balanced component of life.Dates and times TBD. Please call 781-343-1592 or email to schedule an assessment or for further information.

Lisa Dubreuil: Saturdays 10am-11am – This 8 week group is for all genders over age 18 working on recovery from an eating disorder. The group is led by Lisa Dubreuil at her office in Salem. Email or call Lisa at 617-710-2274 to register for the next cycle.

Alice Rosen: The No-diet weekend workshop – The Conscious Cafe. This experiential workshop, held in a serene, natural setting, is a supportive opportunity to rediscover what you innately know….. when, what and how much to eat.  You will learn mindful eating skills for recognizing hunger and fullness, distinguishing between nutritional and emotional hunger, and learn to feed yourself with greater ease and enjoyment.  You will reach a deeper understanding of why you stuff your feelings with food as well as how to develop compassionate alternatives.” $350 + $50 for audio companion.

Amy Gardner:  Meal Support Group in Newton and Intuitive Eating Groups in Newton and Framingham. Call for more information.

Deb Schachter: Recoverying ourselves group – Long-term, psychodynamic groups integrating in mind/body, Internal Family Systems, DBT and body image work.

  1. Monday 6-7:10pm Ages 21+
  2. Wednesday 6-7pm Ages 25+
  3. Thursday 6-7:10 Ages 40+, all groups are mixed diagnosis