MEDA is dedicated to supporting individuals and their families through their journey toward recovery. Through MEDA’s monthly open forum, Hope and Inspiration, recovered individuals foster hope for community members by sharing their stories. Individuals work with MEDA clinicians to write their stories so that they may be able to pass along inspiration. These are some of their stories.

Shalhavit’s Story

“YOU are me… only a few years ago. I’ve attended this Hope and Inspiration forum, religiously, for the past 5 years. Always admiring the speakers with dreamy eyes... Now it's me. Thank you for being here so I can share. I am 4 years old ... Read More

What Recovery Means to Me by Rachel Benson Monroe

To me, recovery means showing up for yourself. It means being willing to really get to know yourself, and open up to the belief that you can actually love who you are, all of you, even the parts that confuse you or frighten you, or ... Read More

Sue’s Story

My name is Sue and I am a recovered alcoholic and have also been released from the bondage of bulimia. May 31st, 2009 was my 16th anniversary of sobriety and on September 19th, I will be eating disorder free for 10 years. I cannot say ... Read More

Kate’s Story

I don’t ever remember an age where I was truly comfortable or unselfconscious in my body. There was an “exercise” in treatment when they would say “remember when you were little and felt fine about your body”. I could never do it – there was ... Read More

Colleen’s Story

Ugh I thought, staring at what I believed to be a grotesque reflection grimacing back at me. No matter which way I turned bended and twisted I couldn’t escape the terrifying image. I could do nothing. It felt as though all the blood sweat and ... Read More

Rachel’s Story

There was a time when this part of my talk—introducing myself to you—would have been the hardest part. Why? For the simple reason that I didn’t know myself at all. When people asked me who I was, what I liked, I drew a blank. The ... Read More

Laura’s Story

I grew up in a relatively stable family. From the outside, all was well. My mother and father were together, raising three beautiful toe-head kids. I’m the oldest of three, and my two younger brothers Peter and Daniel were very active in the community with ... Read More

Jack’s Story

It seems strange looking back, but I remember seeing a documentary on TV about eating disorders and thinking "how strange?". I couldn’t understand why someone would do that. I guess you could say that I was more than a little naive. My name is Jack ... Read More

Haniyah’s Story

It’s interesting when I reflect on my eating disorder and where I am today. For something that once dominated my life, it’s now like a distant memory in some ways. Most days I go about my day and don’t take much time to reflect on ... Read More

Lindsay’s Story

This month, January 2015, is monumental. For others, it may pass as another dark winter month in Boston, waiting for spring to arrive. But for me, it means victory. It means reaching a milestone that for years seemed so utterly unobtainable: it marks five years ... Read More

Kim’s Story

I always considered myself to be a shy person before my eating disorder. I have come to know that I was not shy; I was just insecure. Through recovery, I have gained the security and confidence to be myself. I would tell a person I ... Read More

Christina’s Story

My name is Christina Marie Neville and I stand before you now as someone who has fully recovered from an eating disorder. Five years ago I was very sick with Anorexia Nervosa- let me share with you how I got to where I am today ... Read More

What Recovery Means to Me by Beth Mayer

I believe recovery is waking up every day and not having food or your body making decisions for you. It is making reasonable food choices and enjoying the foods that you eat. It is feeling strong in your body and feeling that your body has ... Read More

Kayla’s Story

My name is Kayla and I am recovered from an eating disorder. Let me say that again: after a struggle that consumed nearly half my life, I have fully recovered from Anorexia. I must admit that I never thought I would say those words. There ... Read More

Ruth’s Story

My name is Ruth Taylor.  I am 74 years old.  A wife, mother, grandmother, friend.  I have recovered from an eating disorder that took up, off and on, part of my middle years from age 29 to just 2 years ago.  I am just now ... Read More