Jennifer Rego, LICSW

Jennifer Rego, LICSW
Jennifer Rego, LICSW
965 Concord Street
(617) 894-6974

Jen is a Psychotherapist and collaborative founder of Metrowest Clinical Collaborative. Prior to opening her private practice in 2015, she worked in various mental health settings providing high level treatment, consultation, assessment and support. In private practice she provides individual and family counseling, clinical supervision and facilitates various workshops.

Jen advocates to strengthen self-concept work with those she helps to become advocates in their own lives. Jen is passionate about creating positive body image among all genders and ages to help to access ones inner strength. Jen believes that positive body image comes from joyful movement and compassion based care towards oneself.

​MCC is a collaborative that Jen started with her colleague Lindsay Brady, LICSW. MCC is a collaborative of consultants and providers who all encourage and empower those we serve to find healing and wellness. By incorporating body positive movement, a platform for networking and collaboration for providers and workshops for clients, we hope to inspire and foster practices that model and incorporate a lifestyle of preventative health and self-care. Metrowest Clinical Collaborative hosts regular monthly multi-disciplinary supervision. If you are interested further information on my other organization’s site:

Jen is also certified in Shakti-Flow, which is a powerful body positive practice that is a fusion of dance, fitness, meditation, and yoga. This practice incorporates Vinyasa flow with high energy music and intensity. Shakti-Flow opens the Chakras in the body finding clarity, abundance and creativity. Every person’s body matters and is allowed to move and feel good.

In class, we often foster a safe place to move and feel good. This is a class two instructors! I teach this with Anna Cardoso, LMHC therapist and certified Yoga Instructor. By teaching this class together, we hope to inspire body positive movement and joy in finding your own rhythm on your mat, and off your mat in your life. We also host a live Friday Instagram video called “Conscious Convo Cafe” which we discuss various topics: boundaries, self-care, mind-body connection, healing and yoga and of course Shakti-Flow. Please visit @waterlilly867 if you want to follow more closely.

Areas of Expertise:
Eating Disorders

Body Image Work


Adults & Adolescents 15+

Couples & Complex

Family Therapy

Relationships & Family Dynamics

Sand Tray Therapy

Emotional Regulation

Middle Age, Major Transitions, Changes

Chronic Pain & Chronic Illness

Anxiety & Depression

CBT & Crisis Intervention & Assessment
All / None
Individuals, Couples, Families, Teens, Adults, HAES
Teens (Ages 14+)
Anorexia, Bulimia, Binge Eating Disorder, BDD, Anxiety, Depression, Substance Use, Grief/Loss, OCD
Shakti-Flow Instructor (Fitness certified ACE)
CBT, ACT, Psychodynamic, HAES Informed, Mind / Body
Sand Tray Therapy/Alternative healing