Why not do something revolutionary? Feed your soul.

An Open Letter to the Renewed You in 2016!

By Amy Klimek, MA, LPC, Eating Disorder Program Coordinator, Timberline Knolls

As we enter 2016, many of us probably considered what our New Year resolutions would be. With little reflection on the personal growth found in 2015, we may have measured our year by our belt buckle and quickly responded to the New Year with motivation to hit the pavement harder.

Naturally New Year’s resolutions are a guilt driven response to our abandoned goals of the previous year.  “I should have gone to the gym more,” or “I really thought I could lose this extra weight.” While those thoughts and feelings continue to bury us with shame year after year, we approach the New Year feeling inspired to make changes.

Here’s the bottom line, if we continue to focus our attention on the resolutions that limit our food intake or increase our schedule with gym times, we will end our year like we do every year guilt driven, lacking optimism, and repeating the “should haves” and “could haves.” With most resolutions breaking down quickly after the New Year, we start our year how we ended our year, lost.

Yearend or not, 2016 can be a time to make a real onhealthy avapro change. Some “resolutioners” will remain enthusiastic, justifying the cost of gym memberships, individual fitness training sessions as the diet books cannot stay on the shelf long enough to collect a little dust.

Why not do something revolutionary? Feed your soul.  

Be present in each of the day’s moments without being anxiety-motivated about the “to do” list for tomorrow.  Let go of what happen yesterday because you cannot change your past. Be patient with yourself.  Some goals take longer than others. We don’t have a blue print to live by, so live mindfully this coming year. Take a no-judgment stance to the New Year and respond to life’s challenges with reflection.

Importantly, take care of that most important relationship you have: the one with yourself. Fill your heart and your mind with positivity and uplifting experiences. It is time to take stock of where you are now and what you want your life to be.  Fill your days with conversations with the ones you love, volunteer for a cause you are passionate about and connect with the inner self before embarking on changing the outer self.  Pause.  Notice.  Spend time with yourself.

Always remember: life is about the process not the results.