Sheri Damon LMHC She/Her

Sheri Damon (she, her) LMHC, LPCC, LCMHC, NBCC, Founder/President of the Foundation for Learning & Inspiring Health & Healing (FLIHH) applies her over three decades of experience working with all ages and genders to teaching, consulting, treating and managing her extensive team of providers at FLIHH. Damon is an expert in treating eating disorders and other mental health issues. Damon brings a unique perspective for working with people across the lifespan. All these experiences have inspired creative interventions, a cognitive-behavioral, “mind-body-spirit-environment”, animal/nature-assisted approach to therapy, and attention to the numerous intervening life factors in health and healing. Damon regularly presents on wellness, intuitive eating, and other mental health concerns at community events, parent events, as well as school and professional organizational training. Damon’s authored COPER and TheraFarm Manuals and Models are used throughout programming at FLIHH with corresponding meditation books and workbooks.